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Le Jacquard Fran├žais - Wipe Off Tablecloth - Mikado



100% Combed Cotton, long fibers. Acrylic coating on one side.


Mikado - Peacock Blue



Think wallpaper: shaded lines and three-dimensional patterns lend a Fifties design to this coated cotton pattern. Stripes high and low! Optimists will choose the jubilation of aniseed yellow, while dreamers will succumb to peacock blue.


Tablecloth Sizes:

55" x 55"

55" x 89"

55 " x 102"


Placemat: 19"x14"


Runner: 19"x19"


Napkin (not coated):

21" x 21"



Colors: Aniseed Yellow, Peacock Blue








Mikado - Aniseed Yellow