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Le Cadeaux

Le Cadeaux is often mistaken for the pottery that it so closely resembles. It is often not until a plate is dropped on the floor or physically handled that one realizes that it is melamine!

Le Cadeaux melamine is triple weight, dishwasher safe and very sturdy – le cadeaux is almost impossible to break. As always, melamine CANNOT be microwaved (melamine is never microwave safe, because of how it's made).

Le Cadeaux produces distinctive colorful European designs inspired by traditional pottery from France, Italy and Spain.

Lead and cadmium free, made with the very best raw materials possible, and of a quality unsurpassed in the market.

These melamine plates and polycarbonate glasses are great for everyday use, outdoors, picnics, on boats, tailgating, and around the pool!

Please click on any image or label below to see more colors in the full set.