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Linen Care

The Laundress Product Line - Non-toxic - Biodegradable - Allergen Free


When The Laundress set out to create their Signature Detergents they knew it would be for people like us, people who take caring for their clothes and linens seriously. THE LAUNDRESS Signature Detergent is perfectly formulated to tackle all your dirty laundry by combining color guard, a natural bleach alternative and stain fighting agents with our Classic scent for all-purpose laundering.

Signature Detergent $20

Whites Detergent $20

Darks Detergent $20

Stain Solution $20

Wool and Cashmere Shampoo $20

Wash and Stain Bar $6/ea

We all know how frustrating tough stains can be. However, if treated properly they can be beat. THE LAUNDRESS Stain Solution is enzyme-based to handle all mishaps. Recommended for tough stains such as wine, tea, blood & grass. THE LAUNDRESS Stain Solution is compatible with all The Laundress Detergents. Please note: this product is/will be unscented going forward.