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Tabletop - Serving Pieces - Gurglepot™

Gurglepot Group Large

Gurglepots were developed by a gentleman after he attended his brother's wedding in France. Because wedding took place in such an isolated area most of the guests were housed with host families. His host family did not speak any English nor did he speak any French; making for extremely long diners! The saving grace was a water pitcher shaped like a fish which gurgled when it was poured causing everyone at the table to smile. This inspired him upon his return to create the Gurglepot™.

Gurglepots™ are a beautiful pitcher which makes a lovely gurgling noise as it is poured. This surprising sound has the uncanny ability to cause people to break out laughter and smiles. Gurglepots™ also makes an elegant vases.


Available in 3 sizes:

Large 42 oz.

all colors



Mini 12 oz.

all colors



Tiny 3 oz.

(Aqua, Cobalt, Bright Red, Kiwi, Sunflower, White)




Gurglepot Group Gurglepot White Sizes


Gurglepot Bright Red Gurglepot Red Gurglepot Tangerine Gurglepot Paprika
Gurglepot Sunflower Gurglepot Light Yellow Gurglepot Kiwi Gurglepot Moss
Gurglepot Green Gurglepot Light Blue Gurglepot Peacock Gurglepot Aqua
Gurglepot Cobalt Gurglepot Merlot Gurglepot Lavender Gurglepot Coral
Gurglepot Pink Gurglepot White Gurglepot Black Slate
Gurglepot Brown Gurglepot Oatmeal Gurglepot Mustard